Author: danielle

  • Shakespeare in a Year: April

    Thanks to a bit of international travel and a bit of a reading slump, I didn’t get as far as I’d hoped with this project in April.

  • Shakespeare in a Year: March

    In March I have read the following Shakespeare works: Going forward, I’m tweaking my commitment a bit. At the beginning I said I intended to read all of Shakespeare’s works this year. However, especially when it comes to the plays, I don’t think reading is necessarily the best course of action. Shakespeare wrote his plays […]

  • Shakespeare in a Year: February

    This post discusses the Shakespeare plays that I read in February 2023.

  • Announcing Shakespeare in a Year

    I’ve set a goal to read all of Shakespeare’s work in 2023. Why?

  • Book #11 – Of One Blood

    Content warning: violence, homicide, suicide, slavery, incest My eleventh book in the 2022 challenge is Of One Blood by Pauline Hopkins. The book satisfies Category 6, a novel written by a woman published before 1940. The book Reuel Briggs is a promising Harvard medical student. Unfortunately, he lacks both money and friends. Not helping matters […]