• Book #11 – Of One Blood

    Content warning: violence, homicide, suicide, slavery, incest My eleventh book in the 2022 challenge is Of One Blood by Pauline Hopkins. The book satisfies Category 6, a novel written by a woman published before 1940. The book Reuel Briggs is a promising Harvard medical student. Unfortunately, he lacks both money and friends. Not helping matters […]

  • Interlude – on failure and success

    Has life ever gotten in the way of doing something you really wanted to do?

  • Book #10 – Abigail

    My tenth book in the 2022 challenge is Abigail by Magda Szabó. The book satisfies Category 5 of the challenge, a lesser-known book of a popular author. Describing this book as “lesser-known” might surprise Hungarian readers, as it is her most widely-read book in Hungarian. However, it was only translated into English in 2020, over […]

  • Book #9 – The Bone Fire

    My ninth book in the 2022 challenge is The Bone Fire by György Dragomán. The book satisfies Category 21 of the challenge, a novel with a woman protagonist. I’m also counting Dragomán as a Romanian author, as he was born in Romania, not to mention that the novel takes place in Dragóman’s native Transylvania.

  • Book #8 – The Bucharest Dossier

    Most Americans don’t know much about the Romanian Revolution, and even the ones who know some things probably don’t know as much as they think.

Got any book recommendations?